Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tool #7

1. Design a collaborative project with another
I would like my students to collaborate with the other 2 LA classes when we do the Persuasion Unit.
2.Post the following about the

a. Content objective- Students will create a new PSA for the opposing viewpoint for an existing PSA.
b. When you plan to implement- During the Persuasion Unit

c. What tool(s) you plan to use- I plan to have students use resources from BigHugeLabs, Google Docs, Flicker, Skype.

d. A brief description of the project (plan-two or three
sentences)- Students will need to choose partners from other classes.  They first need to analyze an existing PSA for the use of persuasion techniques and describe the effectiveness of those techniques.  Students will then need to create a new PSA that offers an opposing viewpoint. The final product is student selected (poster, magazine ad, pamphlet, video, etc...).

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