Sunday, April 29, 2012

tool #5

I decided to do a wordle document for my Plot Elements unit. This would be the first page to my flipchart presentation/lesson.

I also used Storybird to start a story.  Students would finish the story on their own and incorporate the Plot Elements. This would be done after the lesson.
Scientist goes Mad

This would be a great interactive way to get the students involved.

tool #4

I've been using Google Docs in my classroom since the district implemented it.  Kids often turn in their assignments to me via Google Docs.  They also collaborate on projects so it's been an invaluable tool.  As far as using Google Docs with my LA team, Mrs.Watson created an awesome Prezi presentation on Persuasion in Commercials and a Google Docs worksheet to go along with it-

She then shared it with me.  I was able to adapt the worksheet to fit the needs of my particular students. It was a successful and fun lesson.

Tool #3

I use youtube and teachertube often.  Here are 2 videos I found useful in my classroom.  The first one(from teachertube) is a grammar game for younger students, but I adapted it for older kids.

The second video(from youtube) was used as a student example for a video project assignment.  I wanted my students to use color, black/white, silent picture, still shots, slow motion, and captions for their video.  This video contained all these elements.

As far as copyright and fair use, none of the information was new to me.
As far as the dropbox goes, it gives me and my students 1 place to store and access student videos/projects.

Tool #2

This one required me to step out of my comfort zone.  I love reading blogs and especially the comments, but I have never ever left a comment myself.  I guess I'd rather not air my thoughts publicly.  I also subscribed to Kim Cofino's blog, Always Learning, by subscribing to the RSS feed, which is also a first for me.